This week at Kearney Catholic

This week was pretty fun here at Kearney Catholic. We learned about cells, the skeleton and thermodynamics. The sophomores made cell rafts, which were cool projects over one organelle. I’ve included a few of them for you pleasure. On Wednesday we talked to our students about college, why we went, how we decided, what we […]

Irish invasion

This week at Kearney Catholic was a lot of fun in class and out. In chem we did titrations and everyone did very well. In fact everyone identified their unknown. In bio and life science we looked at pond water and found microorganisms, Yanney and Kea West have lots of them. Also the 7th graders […]

Labor Day week

We started this week with Megan’s birthday. She wanted to go painting downtown at the relatively new pottery painting place. We made dog bowls for Charlie and had a lot of fun. In school we’re learning about the scientific method, cells, tissue, and acids and bases. Below is a picture of a 7th grader looking […]

Normal week at Kearney Catholic

Hello there, this week was back to the normal routine of things here at Kearney Catholic. It wasn’t week one, there was no eclipse and it was a full week so we’re really back in the swing of things. Sports have started in earnest which is neat to see. The students and teachers are really […]

Eclipse Week!

This week was out of this world at Kearney Catholic. We started off Monday by having a sack lunch outside and watching the eclipse. The pictures of the event are thanks to our new secretary Mrs. Gfeller, since I was a little busy during the festivities. Overall it was really neat to experience the eclipse […]

First week of school!

School started this week with meetings on Monday and a retreat on Tuesday. Students came Wednesday and it was great to have them back. It’s nice to get back into a routine and see all the students again. On Friday we learned about the eclipse so the students will be ready for it Monday. We’re […]

Summer’s over

Hello, this is my last Friday before the school year begins. Monday starts meetings and students come back Wednesday. It’s been a good summer, it’s always good to have a break and this summer gave me plenty of time to relax and reenergize for this school year.  Megan and I went on some nice trips, […]