Last full week

Well we’re finishing up the last full week here at Kearney Catholic! We’ve had some fun this week and got some work done. The 7th graders finished their chapter on the human body and took a test over that Thursday and the 10th graders finished their chapter on fish and amphibians and took their test […]

Nearing the end

Well this week was different for me since the seniors were gone. Teaching them has been a learning experience but it feels rather odd to have them gone from the building. There are more graduation parties this weekend and graduation itself is Sunday. We had a senior mass Wednesday where parents and families came to […]

Seniors and state trap

This has been quite the week! The seniors are nearly done. This was my first year teaching them and it was very interesting. They were fun, trying and a joy to teach this year. Thursday through Saturday this week is state trap. The junior high kids shot yesterday and the high schoolers shot today and […]

Almost May

Good Morning! It’s almost May here at KCHS, as well as everywhere else I guess. We’ve had a fun week. The 7th graders are continuing to learn about plants and today we spent some time evaluating what a garden on Mars would need and designing one. The sophomores are learning about classification and some of […]

Easter Week

Hello, this week started off Easter which included a 4 day weekend. Not a bad way to start the week. The 7th graders finished our intro chapter on plants and are taking a test today. The seniors are finishing up their chapter on the digestive system to prepare for our pig dissections next week. The sophomores […]

Holy Week At KCHS

Good morning, here’s my Friday post about what’s happening in my classes. The 7th graders probably had the most fun this week. On Tuesday and Wednesday we went outside and took pictures of various plants around the school. Then they had to send me the picture and label it either a gymnosperm, a monocot or […]

New pets

Good morning everyone. This week in schools was much like any other week; the 7th graders were learning about plants, sophomores were finishing up behavior and learning and the seniors were finishing up the respiratory system. I guess one interesting that happened would the the seniors got to use stethoscopes to listen to regular breathing sounds. That was […]