Project for next year

Hello, sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve discoverd an app recently via twitter that I believe will be fun in my class next year.  It’s entitled project noah and basically it is a way to recored different organisms you encounter in you day to day lives.  When you see something, a plant, an animal, etc, you can take a picture of it, write a discription of it and the habitat you found it in and the app will record the time and location of your spotting.  Then there is a community that can help you identify the organism if you are unsure, I’m currently seeing how quickly they get back.  Also anther cool thing is that research groups actually use the spottings to track organisms and populations, so we will be helping ongoing research.  I believe it will be fun and give students a way to find out about the organisms they live around.  I’m going to use it for an ongoing semester project in which my students will get to find a set amound of organisms, something like 30, a semester and identify them.  Hopefully all works out and it will be a cool way to utilize the ipads.