Organism Collection Project

Throughout the year I would like you to use the app “project noah” to find, record and name 20 organisms (that would be 10 first semester and 10 second).  These organisms can be plants, animals, insects, whatever.  To “find” an organisms you will take a photo of it and upload it to project noah.  In order for me to see your progress you must join my mission Gfeller’s classroom.  To name the  organism you must give the scientific name (for full credit) or the common name (for 75% credit).  You may “find” and record an organism and go back later to name it, just make sure that you picture(s) are accurate enough to later identify it. Here are some laid out steps if this explanation and my class explanation were unsatisfactory.

1) download “Project Noah” app

2) create an account (I would link it to another so you don’t have to remember a new account)

3) join my classroom mission: Mr. Gfeller’s class project
4) “find, record, and name” 10 organisms 1st semester and 10 organisms second semester

5) help others