What is Science Part 1 Video

Hello new biology students, we are going to be trying something new this school year.  It is a concept called flipping the classroom (feel free to google it).  In this concept I will make some videos of my lectures (15 min max) and instead of listening to me in class you will take them home and watch them.  This will allow a few things, a) you can watch the lectures at your own pace and as  many times as you wish, b) it will give more class time to interact with the material and allow me to actually help you while you are doing your work (instead of having to do the worksheets at home and getting confused),   and c) it will give us more class time for things like projects with our iPads. Now we will definitely not be using this for each unit but we will use it some of the time (unless we all love it, them I can make more).  Here is the first video ENJOY.