Behavior part 1

In this video we talk about behavior, stimulus/response, and into learning.  Please watch it and leave a comment showing me one thing you learned. Here is the movenote link and they youtube link.

48 thoughts on “Behavior part 1”

  1. Animals can sense certain things that us human can’t. Some animals can scenes something dangerous from miles away.

  2. The three steps to reacting to a stimulus are: sense the stimulus, process the stimulus, direct body to respond.

  3. There are three steps to responding to stimulus
    1. Sensing the stimulus
    2. Processing the information
    3. Directing the body's response
    Lauren Rookstool

  4. Animals can learn traits that can be taught, and thus passed down the generations. (Monkey washing potato)

  5. Some behaviors are influenced by their genes and that means they are inherited
    Sarah Rathman 2-4-14

  6. There are three steps to responding to stimulus
    1. Sense the stimulus
    2. Process the information
    3. Direct the body's response

    Brandon Gannon

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