48 thoughts on “Behavior part 3”

  1. Competition is when organisms compete for resources
    And trees talk to each other

  2. Animal stay in groups so they can protect their territory and scare off any predators. They use sounds to communicate within the animals of their species to keep them way from danger.TYLER STEINACHER

  3. Language is the most complicated form of communication because it involves both sound ans syntax.
    ~ Alli Rose

  4. Communication is the passing of information from one organism to another. Communication can be visual, audible, through tough, or chemical.
    Blake Gustafson

  5. Society- groups of closely related animals of the same species that work together for the benefit of the group.

    Devin Tatro

  6. The word for animals that fight for the limited resources is called Competition.

    -SARAH RATHMAN 2-11-14

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