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Please read this article Seismic waves ( and then make a post (reply to this post) about what you know about seismic waves.  Please answer the following questions at least: 
1. What are the three types of waves?
2.  What do they tell us about the interior of the earth?
3. What are the layers of the earth?
4. Which type of waves cannot go though liquids?
5. What is the lithosphere and how is it broken up?
6. What are the three types of plate boundaries?
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  1. 1. The three types of waves are Primary Waves, Secondary Waves, and Surface Waves.
    2. Earthquakes can tell us the inert core is solid while the outer core is liquid.
    3. The layers of the earth are the crust, mantle, and inner core, and outer core.
    4. The type of waves cannot go though liquids are secondary waves.
    5. The lithosphere is the earth's crust.
    6. The three types of plate boundaries are convergent, divergent, and transform.

  2. 1 P waves, S waves, Surface waves
    2 it's a liquid
    3 Crust, inner core, outer core, mantle
    4 S waves
    5 The outer part of the earth is made up of crust and mantle
    6 divergent, convergent, transform

  3. Jessica, ma girrrrrl. Just remember that the lithosphere is also made up of the upper part of the earth above the crust and it's. I the whole mantle, but just the upper mantle. 😘

  4. Good job Lauren … Ur cool

  5. 1. P waves , S waves , Surface waves
    2. The outer core is liquid the inner core is solid
    3. Crust, mantle, outer core, inner core
    4. S waves
    5. The crust and upper mantle
    6. Convergent , divergent, transform

  6. 1. Primary, Secondary, and Surface waves.
    2. The earth's outer core is a liquid unlike the inner core.
    3. The layers of the earth are the inner core, outer core, mantle, and the crust.
    4. Secondary waves can't go through liquids.
    5. The lithosphere is the outer part of the earth, the crust, and the upper mantle.
    6. Convergent, divergent, and transform.