Ecology part 1

Hello, Here is the Ecology part 1 video.  I would like you to watch it and comment in a little different way.  Instead of simply telling me one thing you learned, I would like you to make a Gist Statement for the video.  Here are the steps:

1. Identify the most important topic of the video.

2. IN YOUR OWN WORDS, tell about the most important topic

3. Do so in 15 words or less.

Here is the movenote link and the youtube link


48 thoughts on “Ecology part 1”

  1. Living and nonliving things make up an ecosystem such as climate, niches, and biotic and abiotic factors.

  2. Animals adapt to their climate and let’s them decide where they want to live.

  3. Climate determines where certain animals can live depending on how the climate affects the food source

  4. Many things effect climate and climate effects which organisms can live in certain ecosystems

  5. The climate determines what animals can live where because an animal needs the right protection and food provided by the climate

  6. Biosphere causes different climates that result in separate ecosystems and species, also less competition in niches.

  7. The many things that can effect an organisms ecosystem includes the climate, various niches, lurking predators, biotic and abiotic factors, etc.

  8. Climate decides what things can live in an area, it is affected by atmosphere and latitude on Earth.

  9. Many things effect climate and climate effects which organisms can live in certain ecosystems

  10. An ecosystem is shaped by organisms, and how they react to their surroundings.

  11. Organisms in an ecosystem are always reacting to what is around them; this is what shapes ecosystems.

  12. Climate influences what and grow and helps shape different ecosystems! :)

  13. The Green house effect is what affects the climate. Without the green house effect the earth would be 30 degrees Celsius cooler.

  14. Communities are dependent upon climate, and heat. Ecosystems rely on communities, and there abiotic and biotic factors.

  15. Different climate areas have different organisms because each area supplies the organisms with different resources.

  16. Climate influences what can grow in an area and the climate mixed with other things make an ecosystem

  17. Climate is the most important thing because it decides what organisms can live in which areas.

  18. Biotic and abiotic factors, climate and niches are the things that make up an ecosystem.

  19. Biosphere causes different climates resulting in separate ecosystems and species, less competition in niches.

  20. In every climate area have different organisms because each area supplies with different resources

  21. Organisms in an ecosystem constantly react with what’s arounds them. That’s what shapes ecosystems.

  22. Predation happens when animals kill other animals for food. There are many different types of predation.

  23. Each climate area has different organisms because each area supplies different resources

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