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  1. There are different types of biomes and there are ten of them. They all have similar characteristics but they have different climates, weather and elevations

  2. Each biome is special in its own way because they all have different climates and conditions, that harbor different speices.

  3. Land biomes are divided up by their climate, location, and temperature. There are a total of 10.

  4. Each biome is special in its own way. All have different climates and conditions, that harbor different speices.

  5. Standing water ecosystems includes the lakes, and rivers. Earth is cover mostly over half with water.

  6. There are ten different biomes. Each with a set of biotic and abiotic factors. They have exact characteristics that vary with location and elevation.

  7. Biomes seem to be set up by latitude and are ways to group the land so it is easier to study.

  8. A biome is dictated by the climate, the big influences are temperature and precipitation.

  9. The earth has ten different biomes with different climate and temperatures divided so they can be studied

  10. There are 10 different land biomes that are determined by climate and location and temperature.

  11. There are ten different land biomes which are divided around the world based on their climate and location.

  12. The world is divided up into different biomes. You determine which biome they are by their temperatures.

  13. There are many specific areas around the earth each with their own specific climate and their own organisms. These areas around the earth are called biomes.

  14. Biomes are based on their different physical characteristics and the plants and animals in them

  15. Since there are very diverse parts of the earth, we separate them into biomes by their climate and geographic location.

  16. Ecosystems around the earth are so diverse that we have to divide them into biomes by climate.

  17. The ocean has different sections including intertidal zone, coastal ocean, open ocean, and benthic zone.

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