Worms 1

Here is the first video for worms.  There will be a few videos for this chapter so be prepared.  However we will be dissecting a worm, a grasshopper, and a crayfish this chapter.  Here is the movenote and youtube link.  As alway leave a comment.

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  1. Worms are classified in three different groups; flat, round, and segmented. The classification is based on their body structure.

  2. Worms are categorized into three different groups and
    We classify worms as being either flat, round, or segmented.

  3. There are 3 types of worms, round, flat and segmented. The flat worm is the simplest form but the round worm is the most common.

  4. The flat worm is the simplest form kind but the round worm is the most common there are also segmented worms.

  5. There are three types of worms: flat (the simplest form), round (the most abundant), and segmented.

  6. Worms come in many different sizes flat, round, and segmented. Round worms are the most abundant animal

  7. Worms can be a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, in three groupd(flat, round, and segmented).

  8. worms are put into three groups flat, round and abundant. Groups of flat worms are tapeworms, turbellalians and flukes

  9. Worms are divided into 3 groups: flat, round, and segmented. Flat are the simplest and round are the most abundant.

  10. Free living worms are more complex than parasites because they have to move and find their own food.

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