Chem Intro 2014


Welcome to our awesome chemistry class! If you had me last year we are continuing our flipped learning model. If you’re new to my experiences well then welcome aboard and here is a flipped class in a sentence: the content will be deliver via video and we will work on things (worksheets, projects, labs, etc.) during class. If you had me last year one thing that will change is the pacing. Basically when we start a chapter my hope is going to be this: There will be a post with all the videos, worksheets, labs and projects listed (click the chemistry tag to the right to find all chem posts). I will place the assignments in ebackpack, and give a tentative schedule to follow in my room.  Then you will have class time to work on them at your own pace.  You will be able to watch the videos on you own time (pause, take notes, rewind at your speed) and work on the worksheets and projects as you become ready so long as you finish them all by the test.  The only “set” days will be labs (since we share the lab) and test (since we will keep up with the other chem classes).  All in all this class is g0ing to be more self paced so this means the responsibility to make sure you understand the material by the test is more on you.  There will also be approximately a quiz a week.  These quizzes can be taken whenever you show me the complete worksheets that go along with them.  I will be there to help and guide you along the way, but your day to day work will be up to you. Lets have a great year together!