Chem Unit 1 Overview

Well here we go.  This post has all your videos and a link to the calendar for pacing. The calendar is set up with the topic covered that day/then the assignment name. Remember this will be done at your own pace (with the exception of labs) so feel free to work ahead, but try to at least keep up with the calendar. Also the quizzes will work as follows, you will complete all prior homework and whenever you can show me that, I will let you take the quiz, then we can grade it (hopefully right there in class). All of your assignments will be available in ebackpack and should be handed in there. The only one not on the calendar is the reading guide. This will be extra credit so if you finish with all the other assignments please begin on this. I plan to discuss your progress with each of you every day so be ready to show me what you’ve been working on or what you’ve completed. Last thing, textbooks, primarily we will be using the ck12 online text but we also have a class set that can be used durring class or checked out on a daily basis. Lets have some fun.

Link to calendar

Do not forget the two quizzes!

Assignments: DaZooelement, compound, mixture; ExovsEndothermic; Density Ws; Scientific method ws, Why Science paper (unit 1 paper); chap 1 progress check; Chap 1-2 reading guide


Video 1

video 2