Bioethic webquest

Today we are going to be examining some ethical decision you may have to make at some time in your lives.  As technology increases our privacy sometimes deceases and we have to make choices that previous generations did not have to consider.  This activity will show you some situation and ask you to decided what should be done in each.  To help you come to  a well though out decision there will be various websites that give information on the exact circumstances and what could happen in each situation.  Make sure you read all the directions and all the sites to fully answer the questions.  after yoiu have read the first page work your way from left to right across the tabs at the top.  The activity is in our online textbook under chapter 1 > student premium > Multimedia labs and activities > Web resources > bioethics webquest.   I have also included a link but I’m not sure how it will work.

Bioethics webquest link

You will choose one of the questions and answer that question in the response as well as questions 3-4.  When finished hit print and bookmark the page that opens so we can discuss friday.