Finishing onion root tip and making mitosis animations

Today you have two things to work on.  Firstly, finish your onion root tip lab.  I have printed out some slides of onion cells for you to find counts with and then you can finish your questions.  Secondly you should being to make your MITOSIS ANIMATIONS.  For these you need to use a program online to make an animation of a cell going through mitosis.  I will be grading on the accurate use of all the stages (interphases – pmat – cytokinesis), an accurate number of chromosomes throughout and creativity.  I found this program (ajax) but you can use any other app you can find that will let you draw a cell.  You will have today and tomorrow in class to work on it and they will be due Monday.  This is an individual project and we will not be presenting them, unless you really want to.