Worm facts to know

There are no videos for the animal chapters.  Instead I will be putting a list of the facts that you need to know abut them on my website.


1)no celom; 2) eyespots to sense light; 3)tapeworms us a scolex to fuse to your intestine; 4)reproduce asexually through fission, otherwise hermaphrodites; 5)their “brain” is a ganglia – just a cluster of cells; 6) free living ones are called Tubalarian; 7) one opening digestive tract.


1) psuedocelom; 2)filarial worms cause one form of elephantiasis; 3) they have two openings in digestive tract; 4) C. elegans – first multicellular organism to have genome sequenced – model organism; 5) parasites have simpler bodies then free-living ones.

Segmented Worms

1) have specialized segments; 2) true celom; 3) nephridia act like kidneys to get rid of waste; 4) setae help them move; 5) earthworms are an example.