Types of fish video

I tried to create a type of fish video with edpuzzle. It’s interesting, not sure if it’s better or not? (I found I just don’t like youtube right now!) Therefore I simply embedded it from my drive (I figured out how to but don’t ask me to explain it). Also I used a different screen recorder, let me know if it’s okay, or do you like my picture in it better? I’m giving a talk in June about using videos for class lectures and would love your opinions. Please comment on this post and give me your opinion of the videos (likes, dislikes, suggestions, etc) in general and this one in particular.

8 thoughts on “Types of fish video”

  1. Videos can be helpful, but I think its harder to focus on a video when I’m at home compared to focusing when we’re having discussion in class.

  2. I like the videos because I’m always able to go back and watch them over again before a test. However, I like the class discussions a lot more because then I am able to ask you questions if I don’t understand something.

  3. I think this is as good as the other type of video, but I like having in-class discussions. I can focus and retain information better and I am able to take better notes and ask questions easier.

  4. I agree with them. I think the videos are good, but I do think I can keep my attention on them better if your video thingy is on it because its like your are actually teaching it in class. I also still think that when you are standing in front of the class I learn and remember a lot more information than when they are on the videos.

  5. I like when we can see your picture better because 1. It’s funny to watch your actions. And 2. It keeps the videos entertaining and it keeps my attention to the video better. I do like the videos but I don’t think I retain as well as when I myself have to write everything down while you’re teaching. And maybe a solution for that would discussing what the video covered the next day after the video was assigned.

  6. New screen recorder was good. I like the videos, but I feel like I retain a lot more when a teacher is standing and talking to the class while we take notes.

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