Summer vacation

This summer for our family vacation, Megan and I took almost two weeks to visit some of her family. Her grandmother lives in Crescent Springs, Kentucky, just across the river from Cincinnati. While there, we visited the Cincinnati Zoo and saw some really cool animals. We got there just in time to see the cheetah’s run around an area; which was really awesome. By the way, cheetah’s are really fast. There were also some really cool animals I hadn’t seen much in zoos before like wolves, they were hiding in the back of their enclosure so it was a challenge to spot them, and manatees, which were awesome. Megan also had the opportunity to feed a giraffe, again we happened to walk to that exhibit at the right time. They also had some African spotted dogs which were really hyper and playing around when we got there. Lastly, the bears and foxes were pretty cool but it was midday and they were just basking around.

Next we went to Petersburg, Indiana to visit some of Megan’s aunts and they’re families. The first night we went and had a cookout at a campsite and then watched some fireworks put on by her cousins. Also while staying with her aunt we took a day trip and went to Marengo Caves. It was really cool and only the second (?) time I’ve been in a cave. There wasn’t much life down there, we spotted two cave salamander but the bats tend to roost lower in the caves where they don’t take tourists. There were some really cool formations though and the guide did a good job explaining everything. I’ve included pictures of the zoo, some fireworks and the cave below. All of them taken by my wife, Megan, except of course the one of her feeding the giraffe.