Bohr Model explained (chemistry video)

Please watch this 4 minute20 second Movenote presentation about the Bohr Model of the atom. It will be very useful for your understanding of atomic interactions. Please leave a comment on this post letting me know you watched it. Also include something you’ve learned so you (and others) can look back and see what the video was about. Lastly if you don’t have wifi at home and don’t have time to watch it at school please email me and I will send you a downloadable copy.

Movenote Presentation

3 responses to “Bohr Model explained (chemistry video)”

  1. I didn’t know you could just write the number on the orbits instead of taking the time to put dots, and I am really happy I remember a lot about this from Freshman year.

  2. I learned how many electrons can be placed in each energy level.

  3. I had my suspicions that those numbers on the side indicated the number of electrons. I forgot how many electrons could be placed in each layer until now.