LEED Workshop

For the last two days I spent a wonderful time at the LEED workshop just south of Gothenbrug NE. It was a great two day filled with lots of ecological learning. I will admit I fall short in my ecological understanding of Nebraska and this workshop helps greatly with that. Throughout the two days we we learned about birds by sight and sound, learned about the benefits of controlled burns and other conservation activities, captured and learned at reptiles and amphibians, insects, and macro-invertebrates, took a walk to learn about the local and invasive plants in the area and learned how we could incorporate these ideas, knowledge and activities in our classrooms. We also walked away with some great guides and resources to help us continue to use the information. All of this was done at a wonderful ranch in the Loess Canyons area of Nebraska. I honestly didn’t know much about this area and learned a ton about it. I came away with a greater understanding of this Nebraska ecosystem and Nebraska wildlife as a whole, a new drive to incorporate more local knowledge and out-of-classroom activities into my science classes and some great ideas about how to do this. Overall I would encourage anyone interested in learning more about Nebraska and how to incorporate this into their work. I’ve included some pictures but I really should have brought my real camera and instead used my cell phone, sorry.

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