Creativity with a Chromebook!

First great thing to do with a chromebook is screencastify everything! This is a free app and links directly to your drive or can upload to youtube. The only limitation is a 10 minute cap (which should not be an issue…).

Example of screencastify and a whiteboard to explain things. You can turn on or off the webcam of the student and even turn off the audio if it’s not needed.

Here are two possible whiteboard apps: Simple or Complex

You can also screencastify to record a video of anything with just your webcam. Example of using screencastify to record a video from the webcam

An unsung hero of google drive is google draw. While it looks very simple it is pretty powerful. You can insert a picture, label it, suggest improvements, diagram a process, whatever you think you can do with google draw. One of the beautiful things with google draw is that it’s already included, no new app to add or website to sign up for. If you use this with screencastify the possibilities are endless.

Another really cool thing that can be done with google drive products is slide shows. You can take a google slides presentation, make it like a flip book and set it to auto play. You then have the making of an animation. Here’s an example one my student made on mitosis.

Cartoons are always fun to make. Here are two ways to make cartoons on the chromebook. The first is an animated option called Powtoons. A second on is a cartoon strip maker called Pixton

Here’s one last fun one called blabberize. Here you take a picture and voice over it and blabberize makes it look like they’re talking.

The previous tools I have used with students in my classroom. The next set are one’s I found preparing for today.

Another way to do a voice over whiteboard is explain everything. Here is an Example of explain everything. There are more tools than a simple whiteboard but some whiteboards have similar tools. I have not used this much and am not sure on the pricing but feel free to check it out.

Wideo is a cool way to make animated videos and is pretty easy. Here’s an example of one I made with some pictures I’ve taken.

One last link to some other great ideas by Tony Vincent. A lot of these I’ve gotten from here and usually I let students pic from them in class.