Hot start to quail and pheasant season in Nebraska

I went home this weekend to hunt opening day with my father and some friends. For the last few years we’ve gone down to one of our friend’s cousin’s farm in Richardson County and had good luck with quail and the occasional pheasant. This year the forecast was of 80 and sunny so we weren’t sure how long we would make it. We found a covey each in the first two fields and then two in the last field before breaking for lunch. The final covey was huge and we got into some singles on three of the 4 coveys. However by lunch the dogs were pretty done; Charlie drank his whole water bottle in the last field alone, so we decided to call it a day. An added bonus to that, I was home in time to make it to my cousin’s wedding! On Sunday we had two baptism from my niece and nephew. It was a pretty full weekend.


One thought on “Hot start to quail and pheasant season in Nebraska”

  1. Pretty busy weekend there! I’d be finished after my first day out of the pheasant season! Even my working lab, their stamina isnt up to scratch as it is towards the end of the season!

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