Watching the super moon with students

Monday night the moon was the closest it’s been to the earth in a long time. Mr. Torson, our principle, and I decided to take as many student’s as were interested to Ft. Kearny to watch the moon rise over the Platte River. We ended up with seven 7th graders because we didn’t give them much time to decide. My wife Megan also came with us and we brought some binoculars and my small telescope. We got to the bridge about 10 min before moon rise and there were two deer playing in the river, which was interesting to watch. When the moon rose it was pretty cool and the students seemed fairly interested. Our pictures didn’t come out very well but I included one to give you an idea. Overall it was really fun and we’re planning on going out to see the cranes this spring with some students.

One response to “Watching the super moon with students”

  1. Awesome that you did that! I took about 8 kids out to see the sunrise and the sandhill cranes last April – it was a blast!