First semester at Kearney Catholic

As the first semester winds down I figured I would take a second and reflect on my first semester teaching in a Catholic School. To start it’s always interesting how God works in our lives; last fall I was not even contemplating switching schools but then learned that there would be some retirements in Kearney. When I heard that it got me thinking about what it would be like to not commute so I started working on applying. As I was applying for KPS, I had a number of people inform me of an opening at Kearney Catholic. Initially I wasn’t planning on applying but as more people told me about it and we had a day off school the week the applications were do I decided to apply and see how an interview went. After sending in both applications, I had lots of time to think, pray, and talk to Megan about what each job would look like, honestly I’m not sure what I would have done but God didn’t have me make that decision. One day I got an email saying the KPS job was filled and on the way home I got offered my job at Kearney Catholic. That made that part of the decision easier but it was still really hard to leave Northwest because I really enjoyed the faculty there and it was all I’d ever known teaching. After another round of thinking, praying, and talking to Megan we decided to give Kearney Catholic a try and it has been great. I’ve really enjoyed working in a Catholic School for a number of reasons. Most of them are small things like praying a morning prayer with the students, or putting up a Nativity Scene in my room. Other have been larger like going to Mass weekly with my students and having confessions offered. Beyond the little things, the size of Kearney Catholic and the atmosphere between the students and the staff make working here great. The size of the school really makes it a close knit community. Overall this has been a wonderful move that would not have happened if God had not put enough people in my life last spring encouraging me to apply. When you add on the fact that I no longer have to commute, working at Kearney Catholic has been awesome.

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  1. Your one of my favorite teachers