Catholic Schools Week

This week was Catholic Schools Week and so we celebrated it in a number of ways. On Monday we had a visit from the Mayor and a City Council member, on Tuesday the seniors made a balloon rosary, on Thursday we had mass with the Bishop at Prince of Peace, and today we are having a completion between the classes at the end of the day. This was my first Catholic Schools Week as a teacher so it was rather neat. One day some of the parents even made us lunch. In class we also did some fun things too, however I failed to take pictures! (I will do better with the starfish dissection Monday.)  The 7th graders made skits about the life cycle of invertebrates, and dissected a grasshopper. The 10th graders showed how natural selection could work with playing cards and did an activity showing change in a peppered moth population. lastly the seniors created presentations on an endocrine disorder which they will present Monday. Overall I think it was a pretty fun week.