Cranes Are Here

Hello, I waited a few days on this post so I could include some pictures of the Sandhill Cranes Megan took. My parents came this weekend and we went to a night viewing in the Rowe Sanctuary blinds. It was an amazing experience with lots of cranes. It’s really neat how one  of the earths largest migrations is in our area. This week in class the 7th graders started ecology, the sophomores did presentations on biomes and the seniors learned all about the immune system. Some of the cooler things we did were symbiosis stations on Monday with the sophomores, where they went around the room to learn about the various types of symbiosis (featured picture), and Human immune system chess, where the seniors got to be either an immune cell, a pathogen, or a body cell and try to take over or save the body on a grid played out in my room.


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