Soccer, trap, imaginary animals and prom

Nothing huge happened in class this week. Seventh grade was studying ecology and tenth and advanced took tests on ecology and the immune system. Probably the coolest thing we did in class was in 7th grade where they created animals and then had to explain what they were need in their habitat and what their niche would be. I did get to go to a soccer game vs. Northwest on Tuesday. Other than being very cool it was really fun. I still know a few of the Northwest players said hi to them before the game, that was nice. Our trap team had a meet this weekend and I got to go and help. It was pretty fun being back out there. They also shoot skeet and sporting clays so it was interesting seeing the students shoot those three disciplines with differing amounts of success. Last night we went to the prom dinner. In six years of teaching I’ve never been to prom so it was very interesting. We stayed for dinner and left a little after the dance started but the students seemed like they were having fun. I’ll try to get back to posting on Fridays again this week.