Easter Week

Hello, this week started off Easter which included a 4 day weekend. Not a bad way to start the week. The 7th graders finished our intro chapter on plants and are taking a test today. The seniors are finishing up their chapter on the digestive system to prepare for our pig dissections next week. The sophomores probably did the coolest thing this week however, they got to dissect a worm. I know you’re probably thinking “a worm, what’s so cool about a worm?” But there is a lot more in a worm than you would expect. I sadly forgot to take any pictures of that. On a personal note Megan and I went to Lincoln to see my family for Easter. We went to the Easter Vigil because: 1. my brother-in-law helped with RCIA this year and 2. my parents were heading out Monday morning to take some of our nephews to Universal Studios. We also took Megan to the Sunken Gardens for the first time. While there wasn’t a ton up yet, it was still pretty cool.