4th of July

Hello all, this week was the 4th of July and we had lots of fun together. Megan and I went fishing on Sunday, however we didn’t have much luck since I was trying some new bait (it didn’t really work). On the 3rd Megan and I went for a walk with Charlie around the block to look at fireworks. He seamed to enjoy the first part more then the second half but I’m not sure if it was the noise (which usually don’t phase him), the smoke or the heat/humidity. For the 4th we had our friends over to grill. The ones with dogs brought them so Charlie had 3 friends to run around with. Overall I think Charlie did pretty well after his initial excitement. After dinner some of use went to the tower at Yanney to watch fireworks (the blurry picture at the top). It was quite neat because you could see all the fireworks going off to about 25th. We had a good view of the Country Clubs display but sadly could really make out the fairgrounds. There were some other people there so it evidently was a pretty good idea. I also started preparing for next school year this week. I planned out the first chapters in bio, life science, and advanced bio. Next week I’ll start to tackle Chem 2.