Getting ready for school!

So this week begins the process of getting ready for school. I worked a little over July but with school starting the 16th now is when I really had to buckle down and get to work. I’ve got the first chapters planed in my 4 classes and day one looks pretty good to go now so I’m not as  worried as I was a week ago. Only having one completely new class makes life a bit easier but there will definitely be some changes to all of my classes. I’m looking forward to this year since I’m no longer a new teacher here and I have a bit better idea what is to come. Megan worked this summer in the office and that went well so I think it will be fun having her here during the day. Really I’m pretty removed from the office anyway so we won’t be seeing too much of each other. Well one more week to get ready; the big thing now is arranging my room. Wish me luck!