Short week to start Oct.

Hello, we had a short week here at Kearney Catholic. We started the week with the diocesan teachers convention. It’s always cool to see the other teachers from around our diocese and Bishop Hanefeldt celebrated Mass with us. In class we learned about joints, Mendel and his peas, photosynthesis and cellular respiration and enthalpy and entropy; lots of pretty deep stuff.  The seniors took the ACT on Tuesday and the Sophomores had a tour of Red Cloud Wednesday so I had lots of classes missing. On Thursday we had grandparents day, where grandparents can come to mass with us and then have coffee and rolls with their students. They can also tour the school if they students want to. Bishop Hanefeldt also celebrated that Mass so I got to have Mass with the Bishop twice in one week. Today was a 1:30 for our faculty meetings and has flown by. Next week is Homecoming.