Parent Teacher Conferences 2017

Hi there, this week was pretty short. We had parent teacher conferences on Wednesday and Thursday. Those are usually fun. I like getting to see some of my students parents and it gives me time to talk to some of the teachers I don’t get to see as much because my room is so isolated. Overall they went very well and I had a bunch of parents show up. We also got a 3.5 day weekend out of it and went to Omaha to visit my family. I also had time to get a lot of grading and writing done.  In class we’re learning about genetics, cell division, the muscles and rate laws. We did a mitosis lab in bio on Tuesday where the students had to identify and count all the stages of mitosis in onion root tips in order to find a relative time of how long each stage took.  Duane and I went prairie chicken hunting Sunday. We saw some at a distance but none close enough to shoot. It was a fun day driving through the Sandhills in our new SUV. Overall it was a good week.