back to school

I started this week with my dad’s Rosary and Funeral. They were both huge; it was very special to see all the people there to honor my dad. After the funeral on Monday, many of our extended family came over to our house to talk and be together.  Megan and I left for Kearney at about 8 Monday night because I wanted to get back to school the next day. It was hard getting up and working on Tuesday but after being gone a lot in the past two weeks it was good to be back in my classroom. My fellow teachers and students were very nice and some even got me cards and candy. In class this week we’ve been learning about genetics in biology, classification in life science, equilibrium constants for acids, bases, and salts in chem II, and the nervous system in Advanced Biology. We got to dissect a sheep brain yesterday in class. I’m not a huge fan of dissection but that is one of my favorites.