Almost Normal Week

We actually had an almost full week here at Kearney Catholic. That is kinda rare at this time of year. I guess we do have a 1:30 out today for GOLD, our annual fundraising dinner, but otherwise it was a normal week. In class we’ve been learning about the various kingdoms, genetics, the brain/nervous system, and solubility constants. The Chem Students did a lab Wednesday where they mixed different concentrations of solutions until they formed a precipitate in order to figure out the Ksp of their substance. They also get to write an actual lab report on this lab, something I don’t do a ton of. Megan and I got our pictures taken for the parish directory last night. We always have fun getting our picture taken and they didn’t pressure us too bad into buying anything. Next week is Thanksgiving! We have two school days and then a 12 hour drive to Kentucky.