Last month of the Year

Hello all, December starts today! With this last month of the year it is also the last month of the semester so that becomes somewhat stressful for both students and teachers. After my post last Friday we spend the weekend in Kentucky and had a good time with Megan’s family. We even had some deer come right up to their deck. Then on Sunday we took the 12 hour drive home. This school week has been fun since we started protein synthesis in biology; one of my favorite topics. We’re also learning about animals in 7th grade and redox reactions in Chem II. Advanced Bio is learning about the senses so today we have a smell test and a taste test. Yesterday I went to a workshop on the new state standards and learned a ton. These may change a lot of how science is taught. The topics covered are all basically the same but when we’re going to teach them could change a lot. I was at the middle school one but the high school one should be very interesting as well. Wish us luck as we finish the year.