Merry Christmas

Hello all, We spent Christmas this year with my Mom in Lincoln and saw my sister Teresa, four of her kids, Kathy and Mike and their kids. We had my mom’s side of the family’s Christmas on Saturday and then Teresa went back to Kansas and Kathy’s family spent Christmas eve with us. Christmas day was pretty quite since it was just Mom, Megan and I. It snowed on Saturday so we had a white Christmas! We stayed till the 27th and helped with some financial stuff. When we got back to Kearney we got out new dog Oliver. He’s a mutt of 4 different breeds but so far he’s pretty fun. He slept well last night and Charlie and him are getting along well. We plan to take him to the new years eve party Sunday night because we’re not too sure what to do when we need to leave him alone yet. School starts back up the 3rd so we have till then to figure his routine out.

img 0146
img 0146

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