More dissections

Megan and I started the week with a quick trip to SD and had to miss Monday of school but my students did pretty well with out me. The 7th graders learned about echinoderms, dissected a starfish and did a lab where they investigated arthropod behavior with crickets. The 10th graders made phylogenetic trees using morphological and DNA evidence, used a protein sequence to determine the relatedness of different organisms and learned about the Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. In advanced bio we wrapped up our chapter about skin with a lab on feeling and a test today. Finally in Organic we finished learning how to name simple hydrocarbons and took a test yesterday over them. On the home front our puppy is still a bit of a pain but he’s doing better and better. Charlie and he play more but Ollie doesn’t know when to stop pestering Charlie so we sometimes have to step in. If he’d sleep through the night life would be awesome.