January’s closing

Hi there, we had some fun this week! We started with a snow day (which everyone loves) and then got right back into the swing of things. The 7th graders started learning about chordates and will turn my room into an aquarium today (pictures next week), the 10th graders are finishing up evolution by talking about the history of the earth. We made a timeline of events in earth’s history around my room by hanging note cards using the scale of 1 foot = 33 million years. The Advanced bio students are learning about the endocrine system and used some insulin to put a fish into hypoglycemia then used sugar water to get it back. Lastly the Chem students are learning about more organic functional groups like alcohols and halides. At home we’re still trying to get a grip on Ollie but he seems to be annoying Charlie less. Hunting season ends next week so I’m going to Lincoln for one last hunt. Next week is Catholic Schools Week!