The cranes are back in town…

Good Morning,

The cranes have arrived in central Nebraska! We took some students out Tuesday night to watch them and had a good time even though none of them landed in our stretch of the river we got to see lots fly very close to us. We also had a full week of school which was hard after our two 4 day weeks in a row. In other news we started learning about plants this week in 7th grade and learned about worms in 10th. We do our first dissections in 10th grade today of an earthworm. It’s a good intro dissection and there’s a lot more to them than most of the students realize. In advanced bio we’ve been studying the immune system and played immune system chess on Wednesday and in Chem we’re finishing up alcohols. The trap team is going well, we’ve taken some medals each weekend and are having lots of fun. Our dogs are getting along better, so much so that we’ve left Ollie alone with Charlie this week and they’re both still alive. I can’t say the same for some of our rugs and curtains however. We have another full week next week and then it’s Holy Week. The pictures are of the crane watching and a map of the US the 7th grade made (somewhat accurate) with the endangered species in each state.



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