Fridays off mess me up…

This was Holy Week and here at KCHS we didn’t have school on Friday. It’s been very nice teaching at a Catholic School and this week reminds me more of that. I made a point to make a post on my day off but yet again forgot. Here are some cool things from the last couple of weeks. In bio we dissected crayfish last week and I forgot to take pictures, I’ll make sure I do when we dissect frogs! In 7th grade we used plant keys to id some preserved trees and flowers so when we can get outside this spring we can identify some of the plants around the schools. In advanced biology we used balloons to figure out the vital capacity of our lungs and found our tuba player had the most “hot air.” Lastly in Organic we did some research on famous organic chemists. On a personal note, Megan and I went through a hard week last week and we are both thankful for all the support we received from the KCHS community. It’s a blessing working at a place where the staff, students and families care so much about each other.

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