Separating liquids?

This has been a pretty fun week at least in my opinion. In 7th we talked about how plants move in response to light and gravity and then we planned for a Martian green house and what that would need to survive. In bio we’ve been learning about reptiles, birds, and mammals. We did a lab comparing a bird egg to reptile eggs Wednesday and today will start our last project this year. On a side note, if you’ve never dissolved an egg’s shell in vinegar you really should. In advanced bio we’re discussing the digestive system and nutrition. Next week we will dissect our pigs. Finally in Chem we finished Ethers and Ketones and now are doing a distillation lab. The students had to distill a solution yesterday to figure out how many substances were in it and today they’ll have to separate them and identify them. Our Shooting team is doing well, we have our last regular shoot this weekend and then on to state shoots.