Seniors last week and state trap

It was the last week at Kearney Catholic for seniors and as such it’s always an interesting week. There’s a mix of excitement to be done and sadness to leave, but overall I think the week went well. We finished up with a test in advanced biology and then some more labs in chem. I tend to have to miss the last days for the seniors for state trap. Our junior high squads shot yesterday and one of them shot very well with 95 out of 100 and ended up 10th! Today our highschoolers will shoot their 16 yard targets and line them up for handicaps tomorrow. In seventh grade and 10th grade were learning about the human body to wrap up the year, there’s lots of information about bones, muscles, and the digestive system etc. Next week is our last full week for students, it’s nice to see the finish line in sight. This weekend starts graduation parties and with Megan working in the office this year she will know people better. Well, wish us luck today and tomorrow.