Final Friday

The last Friday of the school year is upon us and we’re wrapping things up here at KCHS. The 7th graders took their human body test yesterday and started their semester reviews and the bio students did likewise today. Those tests went well, which is nice for our last one of the semester. The seniors have been in and out this week doing various things and it’s been interesting seeing which ones stop in to say hello. Graduation parties started last weekend but this weekend is the big one. Megan and I have a few tonight, lots tomorrow, and a few Sunday. Graduation is Sunday and this will be the first time in many years we’ll be going to graduation. I can honestly say it’s been long enough that I’m excited to go. I moved my fish tank so it doesn’t overheat by the window this summer. Next week we have class Monday-Tuesday and Finals Wednesday-Thursday. With the end of the semester approaching it’s nice to look back and see how far we’ve come. I can honestly say this year we made it farther in Biology than I ever have. It’s been a fun semester with all four of my classes.  At home one of the biggest things this semester was Megan and I getting a new puppy, who’s now 5 1/2 months old. Overall it was a good few months.