Finals are done here at Kearney Catholic and we’re out for the summer. We’ve had a great semester in all 4 of my classes. It’s always a mix of feelings during this time of the year ranging from excitement to be done and sadness to leave. I think the students are ready to go and enjoy their summer breaks and the seniors are ready to go and start the next chapter in their lives. On Tuesday we had a ground breaking ceremony for our new chapel and office space. Megan had to move all her stuff out of the office and since I’m such a nice guy I have helped her with that. We also had an awards assembly at the end of the day. Graduation went well and I think my Commencement speech was well received by both the students and their parents. It was pretty fun to give and got me to go to my first high school graduation since I graduated in 2005. We also managed to hit most of the graduation parties and had lots of good food and cake. It’s been fun the last two years seeing all the childhood pictures of these seniors I’ve only really known for a year. I pray the seniors will do well in their next phase of their lives and I’ll see all the underclassmen back next fall. This summer Megan and I will be going to Kentucky to see her parents and going to a Reds and maybe a Cardinals game on the way. I’ll also be detasseling during July.

img 0404
img 0404

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