Happy Birthday to me

Hello all, this week was our family adventure. We started out by going down to St. Louis to see my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins. While there we went to the science center, a history museum and a Cardinals game. The science center was really neat and the game was good after the sun went down. It was fun going with my Uncle Jeff and Jeniffer. After that we headed to Megan’s parents in Kentucky. We went to a LST memorial; it’s a big WWII ship that transported tanks and other vehicles right up to beaches. Then we went to a dream car museum and saw lots of neat cars. Other than that we’ve been having around playing games and watching the deer in their back yard. Today we’re heading to Cincinnati to see Megan’s Grandma and some other relatives. We’ll also go to a Reds game tonight. To top of tonights game and my birthday there will be fireworks after the game. Megan has taken a few pictures so here are some highlights.