Hello all, I know I missed last weeks post but I’m going to blame the on the fact that detasseling started last Friday. Yes we’ve been detasseling for a week now and we’re still having fun. No but really it’s not too bad; we get to be in a field to see the sunrise, find tadpoles, find killdeer nests, find other wild animals and meet lots of people. Some of my students from KCHS are in our crew and it’s been interesting to see how they work out there. Really it’s a pretty fun time other that the heat, wet, and tiredness. Megan and I watched the July 3rd fireworks show from our street and then we spend the 4th with a few friends and shot of some fireworks that night. On Wednesday I had game night with some friend and played a bored game. That’s pretty much how exciting our lives are during the summer.