Life will never be the same

Hello everyone I have some big news for you. Megan and I adopted a set of twins this month. Alex Franklin and Leo Edward were born in July and came home to Nebraska this week. We started the adoption process 4 years ago and have been waiting ever since. It was a crazy month and the beginning of a crazy life. Megan and I found out we were chosen for a set of twins in late June but didn’t tell anyone until they they were born. They were born in South Dakota and were a bit early. We spent 6 weeks in SD with them and most of it was spent at the NICU. If you’ve had someone in the NICU you know how hard that can be; there were many advances and retreats during their time there but eventually they both got out. In fact Alex got out about a week and a half before Leo so we had to take care of him in our hotel room.  The doctors and nurses there were great and I learned a ton of things I didn’t know (like how to change a diaper).  Learning to be parents has been interesting to say the least and having two has been a lot of fun. We could not be more excited to have the family we’ve been wanting since we got married and can’t wait to see them grow.

Since we spent the month in the NICU not much has happened besides the twins. We did however start a new school year last week and that has been going well. I have a good set of classes this year and my students seem nice, of course I’ve only had them a few days.

On a final note I am going to start making these posts a monthly thing instead of a weekly thing.

2 thoughts on “Life will never be the same”

  1. So happy for you and your wife Jason. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your new babies 👶🏼👶🏼❤️😊🎉

  2. Awesome I’m so happy for you guys yes I understand the NICU Sydney spent the first eight weeks of her life there. Cannot wait to get over to Kearney and see you guys

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