When September Ends

Hello everyone, another month has gone by in our lives and this month has been very different than the last. Alex and Leo are doing great and Megan and I are getting better at being parents. Right now they still eat, sleep, and poop a lot but they’re doing more each and every day. It’s been great being parents and adds a whole new dimension to our lives as a family. It’s very different being parents and having our schedules dictated by when they eat and not just whatever we think. Megan has been doing a wonderful job of taking care of both of them during they day and her parents even came and helped for a week. It was nice to see them and really nice to have their help for that week. We’ve taken them out as much as we can, Mass every weekend, a UNK football game (well half time anyway) and a KCHS volleyball game. That was fun to see how my students, their parents, and some of the staff members reacted. My mom came one weekend to do some odds and ends at our house which had been neglected since we got home. We got some pictures taken of them, which came out great and will probably be sent out in a Christmas letter among other things. Overall it’s been both fun and challenging being new parents but Megan and I are loving it.

In school, classes have been going well. Seventh and tenth graders are both learning about the cell. Seventh grade built plant cells out of shoe boxes and tenth did small creative projects on different organelles. Dual Credit Biology is going well. We’ve done some interesting labs and are currently doing an outside of class lab where the students will monitor which bird feeders and types of seeds birds prefer and then do some statistical analysis to see if there really is a significant difference. They’re approaching completion of the new foyer, office and chapel. It looks really good and I can’t wait till Megan gets back and can use it. Homecoming week was fun as always, however it was a little different since I only have 15 seniors. We finished the month with a pond water lab where the students got to see all the single celled microbes that live in Yanney lake.


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