Busy month

October has been fun month. Megan returned to work towards the beginning of the month and it’s been nice going to work with her again. Taking Alex and Leo to daycare was odd but they did really well and we like our daycare. Otherwise the boys did well eating and growing and we even got them out to a couple of volleyball games. Leo and Alex were Baptized this month! Both my sisters’ families made the trip out here with my mom and Megan’s parents and sister-in-law. It was a nice day and feels good to have done. We made a couple of trips to Lincoln but the last one was much tougher. Alex had to have surgery on a hernia this week and it was also opening weekend for pheasants and quail.  That meant we had to pack two dogs and two babies in a small SUV; good thing we have a car topper. The surgery went well and Alex is healing. Other than bathing there’s really no care instructions which is nice. Ollie got to hunt three days last month. I took him prairie chicken hunting and basically just succeeded in making sure he wasn’t gun shy. On the last weekend he got into more quail and a few pheasants. Ollie was definitely interested in birds, he actually ate a quail…. By the 2nd day he succeeded in flushing his first bird. He stayed close to me and other than when he didn’t want to fetch the quail he came when he was called so overall I was pretty happy with him. Charlie did great both days, he flushed lots of quail and found all the ones I shot.

In school we had parent teacher conferences. Those went well and I got to talk to many of my students parents. We also had the Bishop here to dedicate our new chapel. It’s very nice to have the Blessed Sacrament in our school each day and have the opportunity to pray for each other and the world. As for my classes, the 7th graders learned about genetics and started evolution. We made monsters and models of DNA. In 10th grade we learned about cells and cell division. We ended the month with some fun projects over mitosis and meiosis. In Dual Credit we finished our unit on animals and started learning about fungi.

I wasn’t sure which month to put this on but Nov 1st was a year since my dad died. It’s been a weird year all around. I’ve missed him, wished he was here, was grateful for all he did for us and tried relive some memories. I’ve had lots of different emotions throughout the year and lots of “first” that have been hard: the first time I went hunting, the first time I had a medical questions about myself, the first big decision we had to make about our kids, the first time a student asked a question in class that used to be a simple email away. It’s been tough adjusting but everyone around me has made it better each day. I know I will never be free of the random events that bring dad to mind but I also don’t want to be. Thank you dad for all you’ve done, our prayers and hearts are with you.

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