We’re growing fast!

Hello all, November was another good month with our twins, Alex and Leo. they are growing very fast and we are enjoying seeing them change. They can be a challenge at times but they bring us lots of joy. I went hunting a couple times with the dogs. Ollie is getting better each time we go. The last time we went he “seemed” to point a downed rooster but Charlie got to it before I could really see if Ollie would lock up. Alex and Leo have cut into my hunting time a little but that’s okay. In school classes are going well. I’m enjoying my Dual Credit Bio class more and more each week and the students are doing pretty well in it. Biology stated genetics which is one of my favorite things to teach and 7th grade is learning about all the different kingdoms. We had a day of service at KCHS the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. It was a good day for our students to learn more about each other and do some service around Kearney. My group went to the Jubilee Center, a food pantry and thrift store to help move things out of storage and restock the food pantry. I think it went pretty well overall. For Thanksgiving we went to my Mom’s house in Lincoln. It was a nice quiet Thanksgiving with just Mom, Jeff, Donna, Jennifer, and Daniel. We saw Kathy and Mikes families a lot in the evenings and some of my other relatives Thanksgiving night. Overall it was a nice, enjoyable time at home. I hope this finds you all ready for the Advent Season and hope you have a great Holiday Season.