Christmas at the Kumler’s

Alex and Leo are making it harder and harder to get posts written but I’ll try to be more on top of it next month. The month started out with the wind down to semester finals. Overall our classes went well. I was very happy with how the seniors did in dual credit biology. It’s always nice to have a break so being done with this semester was a wonderful time. After school got out we went to Lincoln for a couple days for the Hanigan family Christmas. We saw lots of relatives and Santa even came and met the twins. He gave them their Christmas pajamas which they got to wear on Christmas Eve. From Lincoln we traveled all the way down to Kentucky. It was a much different drive with our two sons but we made it. Christmas time was very nice. Megan’s brother and sister came from Salt Lake City and Megan’s parents were very happy to see us all. We even got to see a couple of megan’s aunts, uncles, and cousins. The return trip home was much less fun but we still made it home. We spent New Year’s Eve at a friends house for our annual friends Christmas party. It was good to see all of them again. We had the last week off of school and I managed to get out hunting one day. Ollie is getting better and is even showing some tendencies to point. Still not sure what he will eventually become. I hope 2019 treats us all well and I’m ready to start the new semester Monday.

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  1. Love those babies’ chubby cheeks! It was great to see the four of you at the Hanigan Extravaganza in December.

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